Must Have Drawing Materials for Beginners

Hello everyone, in this article, I will tell you about some must-have drawing materials for beginners. You can use these tools in your drawings. These tools are not so costly, so you can easily purchase them from any stationery shop.

Let’s start:

  1. Artline Graphite Pencils: It’s a very good brand when it comes to cheap and best graphite drawing pencils. It comes in HB to 10B grade pencil and it costs around 60 to 80 Rs. Only. You can use it in your drawing. It is easily available in your nearby shop or you can buy it from Amazon.
Artline Pencils for Drawing

2. Camlin Charcoal Pencils: If I talk about charcoal pencils for beginners, I suggest Camlin charcoal pencils. These are very dark pencil and we use them for drawing hair. It comes in soft, medium and hard. The soft one is extremely dark and the hard one is low darker than the soft one. It costs around 50 Rs. for 3 pencils.

Camline Charcoal Pencil for Drawing

3. Mechanical Pencils: Mechanical pencils are some that may help you improve in your drawing. You can efficiently draw outlines and do detailing work by using this as It has very thin lead and you don’t need to share it. It comes in 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7mm lead. There are so many mechanical pencils brands like Camlin, sakura, Tombo in shops now.

Mechanical Pencil for Drawing

4. Eraser and Pencil Sharpner: You can use any eraser.

5. Drawing Paper: the best smooth drawing paper for drawing is Ivory brand. It costs 80 to 100 RS. It is A4 size and you get 25 sheets.

Ivary Drawing Paper Sheet for Drawing

6. Blending tools: you can use tissue paper for drawing. You can also, buy blending stumps.

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