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How Much Does a Portrait Sketch Cost in Delhi?

Looking for the best portrait sketch artist and wondering what might be the prices? Don’t worry, because you will get to know everything about portrait sketch prices in Delhi.

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A portrait sketch is a very beautiful thing when you want to present something special to the person you love. It is a handmade thing and also, it will make them very happy and amazed and show how much you love them. You might wonder handmade portrait sketches can be a beautiful and unique gift to everyone for any occasion.

There are three medium of portrait sketches:

  1. Graphite pencil sketch: Graphite is the dark gray material usually found encased within a wooden pencil. It comes in many different forms, but most commonly we find it within a pencil. We’ve all used them to write and draw and most of us feel very comfortable with a graphite pencil in hand.
  2. Charcoal pencil sketch: Charcoal pencils consist of compressed charcoal enclosed in a jacket of wood. Designed to be similar to graphite pencils while maintaining most of the properties of charcoal, they are often used for fine and crisp detailed drawings, while keeping the user’s hand from being marked.
  3. Color Pencil Sketch: These portrait sketches are made with colored pencils. Having different colors, these sketches look so beautiful.

Every medium meant to have different prices. If I talk about the prices of these portrait sketches, it is not the same. There are several factors on which basis portrait sketch prices may differ. Some of the factors are below:

Artist Experience

Portrait sketch prices are based on artist experience. If the artist has many years of experience making portraits, his standard of prices may high. On the other hand, if you go to a sketch artist who has only a few months or years of experience, you will the prices a bit low. And the variety of services may also differ according to artist experience.


Every sketch artist in Delhi has different skills and techniques to draw a portrait. On the basis of their skills, they also define the rates. If the artist is able to match above 90% of the reference photo, he may keep the prices high. On the other hand, if the artist doesn’t have enough skills, he may keep their sketch prices low.


There are three mediums of portrait sketches; graphite, charcoal and mediums. And every medium’s prices are different. For example, if graphite pencil sketch price is Rs. 600 for one person, charcoal pencil price can be Rs.800. On the other hand, colored pencil sketch will cost 1000.


Sometimes, artist also defines the prices of his sketches on the basis of time and hard work he gives. It means he has a photo which is very detailed. Like a wedding photo has so many detailing work while the artist make a portrait. If the photo has so many detailing portions, it will take time for the artist to complete it. He will spend a lot of time and hard work over it; therefore he keeps different prices for these types of photo sketch.


There are so many drawing materials available in the market that an artist can use. Materials also affect the prices of the sketches. Artist either uses cheap or expensive materials. If he uses expensive drawing materials in sketching, the prices will be high.


Sketches are made on paper, and there are different sizes available. The sizes are below:

  1. A4 – Smallest
  2. A3 – Larger than A4
  3. A2 – Larger than A3
  4. A1 – Largest

Prices may also high or low on the basis of paper sizes. For example, A4 is small size with the price Rs. 500, while A3 size is 800.


Shipping is also what defines the portrait sketch price. When you look for a sketch artist near you, you get the artist’s place is far from you. Therefore, you will get your sketch via speed post.

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