ow to Place an Order for Portrait Sketch in India

How to Place an Order for a Portrait Sketch in India

Anilraikwararts.online is the best website when it comes to ordering the perfect graphite and charcoal pencil sketches in India. A portrait pencil sketch is one of the best-personalized gifts. You can visit the website and explore all the art galleries. You can choose the best photo of yours or your loved ones and select the medium. The artist, Anil Raikwar from Delhi, will turn that photo into a beautiful pencil sketch.

Handmade pencil sketches are unique gifts to present it everyone and on any occasion. Ordering a pencil sketch is a very simple process; however you need a little bit research before you order sketch online in India.

Here are some tips that you need to know for ordering a handmade sketch online:

1. Choose an Experienced and Professional Sketch Artist

The first and most important thing is to choose a well-experienced portrait sketch artist in India. Nowadays, there are so many consultancy websites that offer handmade sketches at different prices and quality. If you are following whatever they say, there is a high possibility you won’t get direct interaction with the artist who can understand your requirements. Because, the consultancy websites have so many artists registered with the websites and once you order the sketch, they will get your artwork done with any one of them. Therefore, the requirements that you explain to the mediator person, may not go as it is to the artist. Hence you will get disappointed by the final artwork you get.

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In order to avoid such problems, you can find a portrait artist who is experienced in having so many artworks done. You should find an artist who is a friendly person and can communicate nicely and can understand exactly what you want. Contact the best sketch artist in Delhi at Anil Raikwar Arts.

2. Select a Photo

After finding the right sketch artist, you have to pick out the right photo for the portrait sketch. If you get confused, send the set of photos to the artist, so he can suggest you the best of them for your portrait according to the medium you choose.  Usually most of the artists request for a high-resolution photo. In addition, if you want multiple photos to get sketched in a single frame but you don’t have a group photo; share all individual photos with the artist. Then you can discuss the positions and styles about how the photos to sketch need to make.

3. Choose the Size and Medium for Your Portrait Art

Now that you have a photo for sketch, you need to choose a size and medium. There are three mediums; portrait sketch in graphite, portrait sketch in charcoal and portrait sketch in colored pencil. Every art medium has its own beauty. Therefore, choose an art medium you like the most and fit in your budget.

Furthermore, you need to be very careful while selecting the size. Usually for a single photo sketch, at least A4 (8.3”x11.7”) can be selected, however recommended size is A3 (11.7”x16.7”).

On the basis of number of figures in the photo, you need to confirm the size. If you have no idea about it, you can discuss with artist.

4. Know Order Placing Process for Your Portrait

Before placing your sketch order, make sure you know the following details:

  • Where and how to send the image?
  • What are the payment modes acceptable?
  • How much advance do you need to pay?
  • When does the balance amount need to pay?
  • When will the artwork get started?
  • When will the artwork get delivered?
  • Will the artist ask for extra charges for packaging and delivery?

5. Know If You Can See Your Artwork before It Gets Delivered

Getting a preview of the artwork from the artist is very important before you finalizing it. In this way, you will be able to inspect your portrait and if you are not satisfied with it, you can request the artist to make some changes.

Thus, get your portrait sketch done by an experienced sketch artist in India.

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